SPICA Group Inc. is a licensed General Contractor company based in South Florida. Our company is founded on a strong dedication to putting each and every client first; whether it is a customer with a residential or commercial project. Our commitment to business ethics, fair dealing and customer service has been our priority since day one.

We have taken things a bit further by expanding our construction business to work with the owners during planning, design, permitting, and additional services as the demand has risen over the years.

We work hard in elevating the client’s experience and providing client satisfaction. This is achieved by taking a proactive approach to customer feed-back.

SPICA Group Inc. is focused on providing timely and cost-effective solutions to our customers. We strive to implement a long term relationship with our clients, primarily based on safety, quality, and an anticipation of their needs.

Just a Few of Our Services

commercial construction

 We offer innovative construction solutions for a wide range of commercial and industrial construction needs. From working with private businesses, to Federal or Local Agencies projects, we are at your service to complete any challenge.

residential construction

We work closer with the homeowners to make their dream become a reality. By specializing in residential custom homes, we’ll help you find the details and suggest upgrades that satisfy  your needs and increase the value of your property.

renovation  Service

Sometimes your residence or business requires improvement to satisfy your needs. Our company is ready to work with you in any renovation and ensure the adequate planning to minimize disruptions to your regular activities.

our service in-depth


“Developing good construction management skills helps us succeed in today’s competitive building industry.  A good strategy plan will help our client receive what they are expecting us to build.  This is why planning is such a key factor in the construction process.”


“Our company, in conjunction with an engineering firm will work together with our client in putting together what they’ve have envision. ”


“Having us handle the appropriate permitting process/inspections, will give you an independent third party in your corner who offers you the reassurance that the job will be done in  full compliance with local building codes.”


“Having a good construction company will determine the success of the project our client wants to accomplish. Your project will be done in a safe and efficient manner. By revising all construction details, we will make sure your project is completed accordingly.”